Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1: Favorite Song

So the first day is probably going to be the hardest for me. It is impossible for me to choose a favorite song. I love Lady Gaga and every song she does. I love songs by other artists as well of course. That just makes it even harder for me to choose.

There is no all-time favorite song for me but I can narrow it down for you...
Favorite single from The Fame: Just Dance
Favorite non-single from The Fame: Starstruck
Favorite single from The Fame Monster: Bad Romance
Favorite non-single from The Fame Monster: Dance in the Dark
Favorite single from Born This Way: You & I (until Marry the Night is a single!)
Favorite non-single from Born This Way: Government Hooker or Bloody Mary
Favorite Gaga collaboration: Hello Hello (with Elton John)
Favorite unreleased Gaga song: Future Love
Favorite Non-Gaga song at the moment: Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People and Madder Red by Yeasayer

And that's about it...

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