Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 17- Your Biggest Insecurity & Something About Yourself You Are Proud Of

So I have been slacking with the updates again. Sorry. So let's get on with this because I have to catch up!

My biggest insecurity is my looks. I know that's what most women say but it doesn't make it any less true for me. I have always wished I was more attractive but I don't concentrate on it so I think I do alright.

Something I am proud of myself about... well there are plenty of things. I am proud of my accomplishments in writing, my collections I worked so hard to build, my mother and wife skills and plenty of small things too. I am proud of myself everytime I master a new recipe, finish reading another book, win a contest I took the time to enter, save money by clipping coupons and learn something new and cool my phone can do!

That's about it... :)

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