Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 6- Most Treasured Item

Ha! This one is funny because everyone knows there is a little hoarder inside of me! I want and try to keep everything ... but i don't. To me, the treasured part of the item is the memory attached to it and my memories are very precious to me. My pictures are quite important to me since they are actually moments on paper (or pixels) and it makes my efforts to remember everything a little bit easier.

But if I had to choose one item, I would have to say Lamby. He is simple stuffed animal and has been with me in life since I was born. He was given to me by my Aunt Judy, who has since passed away. He has been my "friend" for as long as I can remember. He always listens and has never had anything negative to say to me. He knows everything about me. He's been with me though all my hardest times and there are more memories attached to him than to anything else I have ever owned.

 When I was little I would tell myself that he watched out for monsters in my room at night while I slept. I always assumed if there had been any trouble, he had handled it for me.

 He was there when my dad died. My grandfather, who actually raised me, passed away from cancer right before Christmas in 2002. I had placed Lamby in the bed with him for comfort. He was under his arm when he died.

 Then when I married the wrong man and endured an abusive marriage for a year, he was right there with me.

Now my son, Dakota, plays with him. But Dakota knows he is mine and even though I've never told him, somehow he seems to know just how important Lamby is to me. He is very careful when he plays with him.

He is old now, 28 like me, and you can really tell. But he is still here.

Thank the Lord for my Lamby.

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