Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3- Favorite Television Show

Alright I do have one all-time favorite show but there are other shows I consider to be favorites too so I'm just going to talk about all of them! It's not that many, don't worry!

My absolute all-time favorite show is... Darkwing Duck!
I have loved it since the show premiered in 1992. I know exactly what drew me into the show too... His outfit is purple! It's actually an excellent show if you give it a chance... and I don't mean just for a Disney cartoon. It has an incredible cast of voices and the stories were always entertaining. I have introduced Dakota to the show and he is quite fond of it also. Not to mention, he loves playing with my collection of Darkwing toys I have attained through the years! I'll have to show that off later!

Another show I call a favorite is Sailor Moon.
I was a huge fan of this show while I was in high school but I started watching it when I was younger.  remember it used to come on very early on Saturday mornings. The older I got the more I learned about it and the more interesting it became to me. I was able to watch all 5 seasons and see some of the original japanese versions which were much less "watered down." It's another great story line to follow, almost like a soap opera with super girl powers!

Another cartoon, but a far more mature one... Mtv's Aeon Flux
I probably should not have been watching this show while I was in middle school but I did. I loved this show. I watch it now and things stand out. I understand things that I didn't get when I watched the show years ago. But even being younger, I got Peter Chung's message. The world is a strange place, stranger than you realize. The world he created in that show was amazing to me. Give it a chance, but don't worry if it's confusing the first 10 times you watch it. 
Oh and the movie Aeon Flux is very different from the animated series. In a far better way, that is.

Now for something more recent... Family Guy
I'm sure everyone knows about this show. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I am one of those people who loves it. I think it is absolutely hilarious! And I must say, this is a show that I seem to never grow tired of watching. 

My favorite late night show is ... The late late show with Craig Ferguson
I think he is really funny and my husband and I love his show. We watch whenever we get the chance but the unfortunate situation is that the late late show is on... well, late! So we can't watch as often as we'd like. We got his book American on Purpose, too and love it!

Another favorite of mine... What Would You Do?
Not the old Nickelodeon game show... although I did enjoy watching that one as well. But no. This one is a hidden camera show that puts people in less than pleasant situations to see who will respond and whether they do the "right" thing or not. But they never judge anyone for their actions. That's the best part to me. They just ask "Why did you react that way?" It always keeps me fascinated but in my opinion, it doesn't come on enough.

OK! Last one! My current favorite is ... The Big Bang Theory
Very rarely do I love shows that are a big deal to the world while they are a big deal. So it's a treat for me that this show is going strong. I love being able to look forward to new episodes along with tons of other fans. I'm trying to get my husband hooked on the show with me so that we can be excited together when we see it on tv. It's soooooooo funny!

And that's that. Thanks for reading! Please return to your regularly scheduled life, already in progress...

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