Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 18- Wedding Talk (share stories, photos, both, anything having to do with your wedding, the one you had or the one you dream of)

I married my first husband in the church I grew up in. It was a beautiful wedding complete with purple flowers and all of my friends and family. It's a shame he was an abusive jerk.

My awesome husband, Nick, and I were married on October 31, 2009. We didn't plan to get married on Halloween. We were at his mother's house with the whole family. We ate dinner, took all the kids trick-or-treating and then had a belated birthday party for Nick. When it was over, we were like "What else can we do tonight?" and since Nick's stepfather is a minister, we decided to go on and get married right then. We all headed out to the back yard and got married in front of the pond in the rain. I wore the dress his mother wore when she got married. It was better than the beautiful wedding in the church with the purple flowers... because Nick was looking in my eyes. I knew he truly loved me and would never hurt me. And I was happy.

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