Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 19- A talent/hobby of yours

Still playing catch up!

A talent of mine would be writing although I don't do it that much anymore.

A hobby of mine is entering contests online. I do it everyday now. And I have won some nice things! I started off  winning small things and they have only gotten bigger! To date, I have won 2 pig erasers from the Tyson Chicken back to school prize wheel, a bag of dark chocolate from Ghiradelli's, 2 movie tickets from Sunmaid raisins, a target gift card, gift cards to 2 websites, and wine jelly from the 3 Moms In 1 Blog, a $50 iTunes gift card from 11 Alive News and my big win! An iPad2 that I won from's facebook page!

Yay for me!

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